Careers forum, a must-attend event!

Build your future by attending the careers forum. Students can consult internship and job offers from companies. Graduates should consult the companies’ internship and job offers.

Careers forum, a must-attend event
Looking for guidance

Looking for guidance?

When you are looking for your future job, look for a field of study or area that interests you. There’s no need to worry, it’s best to focus on emerging professions. Guidance counsellors will help you to assess the right direction.

A 100% sandwich course in management

Work-linked management schools help trainees prepare for management and personnel management.

Training and study levels

The national diploma attests to the successful completion of examinations organised and validated by the State.

Campus and community life

Associations promote the democratic culture necessary for a harmonious life. They set up spaces for learning civics.

Job opportunities and professional careers

The grandes écoles offer students a quality professional integration.

A 100% sandwich course in management

Student life - the essentials for a successful start to the new academic year!

There’s no need to get anxious about the start of the new academic year. Sometimes a short period of preparation should be enough to get you back into the swing of things. Many universities organise tutorials and refresher courses at the start of the academic year.

Student accommodation

You can find student accommodation online or by contacting the CROUS.

Student accommodation

Student transport

Students can get to their courses by various means of transport.

Student transport

Student grants

To receive a grant, students must meet certain criteria: age, diploma, nationality, etc.

Student grants
Student life - the essentials for a successful start to the new academic year
University canteen

University canteen

University restaurants are canteens for students.

Language stays

Language stays

Learn a language, discover a new culture and immerse yourself in a foreign country with GlobalExam‘s help.

Student health insurance

Student health insurance

Take out a student health insurance policy to take care of the reimbursement of the remaining costs.

Coaching & exam revision

Coaching & exam revision

If you want to increase your chances of passing your exams, make sure you revise well. Get a coach to help you do your best during the exams.

Useful apps and websites for students

Make organising your studies easier by using useful apps and websites. Many apps are not free, but you can choose a free version of the tool.

Useful apps and websites for students

When higher education goes e-learning

The advantage of e-learning is that it is a very convenient way of learning that allows students to take courses from home. Distance learning courses take place in real time.

E-learning in the age of university 2.0

The development of new technologies will enable universities to engage in e-learning. Universities are increasingly interested in computer-assisted learning. This mode of learning improves the quality of teaching by simplifying access to resources and services. Virtual education promotes distance collaboration. The aim of University 2.0 is to optimise learning. This development aims to share knowledge at a distance while enriching exchanges.

E-learning in the age of university

First job - surefire tips for getting a job

When it comes to finding your first job, there’s no need to apply for more than you can handle. The most effective method is to look after your CV and apply for the right jobs.

How to write a cover letter?


Making your first CV, even without experience


Job interview: are you ready for the big day?


Student internships: student internship offers

If you’re looking for an internship in France, you’ll find a wide range of internship opportunities. The company offers a wide range of internships. You can choose from assignments of different lengths.

Student internships, student internship offers

Clubs & associations - have fun, students!

Joining clubs or societies can help you make new friends. It is best to join groups of students who share the same interests as you. By participating in community life, you can meet interesting people, share ideas, hobbies, ideals, have fun… Community life enhances the development of a sense of responsibility and entrepreneurship. Associations play a major role in student life.