Student life

How can you eat a balanced diet when you have little money?

Eating a balanced diet means covering all nutritional needs through food. Can you eat a balanced diet on a small budget? Normally, the answer is no! But don’t worry, if you have a way to save money on purchases, you…

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How to best arrange your small university room? Some advice

Setting up a small university room is often a headache for all students. But how do you make the space both practical and comfortable? And how do you ensure that you can move around freely in your small room? Here…

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Living in a shared flat: advantages and disadvantages

Shared accommodation is the renting of a home to several people. It is often done by students or young people in order to reduce their expenses. However, with the global crisis, there are more and more divorced people and senior…

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Higher education: can I stay with my parents’ mutual insurance company?

Health is one of the world’s greatest assets. Preserving it is one of life’s goals. Nevertheless, diseases are difficult to avoid. They reach everyone in an intense way or not very much. Various pathologies have arisen. They can be serious….

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How to find a student job?

Many students look for jobs to help them finance their studies, to get pocket money or to get a foothold in the professional world. However, looking for a student job is not easy. Your goal is to find a student…

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