What is the TOEIC?

Published on : 26 August 20212 min reading time

The Test of English for International Communication, or TOEIC, is an English language test recognised by most universities and companies in the world. More than 7 million candidates take this test every year. This test is intended for non-English speakers. It determines the linguistic competence of candidates to express themselves in English.

Who is the TOEIC test for?

Companies seeking to assess the level of English proficiency have their employees or applicants for employment take the TOEIC test. It is recommended for candidates applying for jobs abroad. The TOEIC test is not a certificate or diploma, but a test to assess the level of English language skills at a given time. It is only valid for two years.

No matter where you take the TOEIC in France, the test is the same and the registration procedure does not change. In France, there are several centres to take the TOEIC. This English test is evaluated online or on paper.

What are the different forms of the TOEIC?

There are three types of TOEIC: the most common is the “TOEIC Listening & Reading”. This form of the test is reserved for intermediate to advanced level candidates. The TOEIC Speaking & Writing is less common. It is also reserved for intermediate to advanced level candidates.

The third form is the TOEIC bridge. It is aimed at candidates from beginner to intermediate level. It should be noted that the first two tests are complementary. If you take both tests, you will have a good idea of your overall level of English.

Are there other English tests for professionals?

The TOEIC is not the only English test recognised by recruiters. The GRE or Graduate Record Examination is for executives who want to work in the finance, business or marketing departments. The CAE or “Certificate of Advanced English” is not a level test, but a diploma. Professionals who wish to work abroad must have this diploma.

The CPE or “Certificate of Proficiency in English” is an exam with a very high level of English. It is aimed at executives who wish to work in large multinational companies. The IELTS or “International English Language Testing System” is a test for candidates applying for naturalisation in the English-speaking country.

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