In the digital marketing landscape, becoming a bid manager is now very advantageous. Thanks to his expertise, job offers will multiply in the four corners of the world. But what are these missions? Here are the steps to follow to become a bid manager.

The different tasks of the bid manager?

The bid manager is a new profession that is developing in the world of digital marketing. It consists of managing a company's calls for tenders and formulating commercial and technical proposals that are appropriate to the company's needs. They must also know how to manage relationships and have organisational skills. These tasks are above all varied. Indeed, to become a bid manager, it is essential to understand the potential client's objectives and to determine their offers. The production of a document that highlights the strengths of the offers is also necessary. The professional must also spend time with the teams to exchange more information. And in order to respond to calls for tender, he or she must know how to gather the best sources and monitor the project budget. At the end of the project, this manager produces a report to show the results obtained.

What are the bid manager's skills?

To become a bid manager, a person must have skills in certain areas. First of all, he or she must understand all the client's requirements and decipher the specific request in order to make a good commercial proposal. He/she must also respect the deadlines imposed and ensure good liaison with the teams. To do this, the person is obliged to do research and identify the necessary budgets. In terms of written and oral expression, better oral presentation and writing skills are recommended. The bid manager must also be able to manage a client's budget well and maximise the investment by optimising the necessary budget. And finally, to carry out this job, the professional must have a good sense of contact. The bid manager is above all a job that requires great interpersonal skills.

The steps to follow to become a bid manager

There is no specific training to become a bid manager. Professionals generally graduate from a business school or an engineering school. They must also have a master's degree in marketing. The specialist must also have experience in project management. Achieving objectives, monitoring a budget, recruiting a team and supervising are also essential to become a bid manager. Professionals in this profession came from engineering and construction. Sector specialisations are also essential to be able to deal with certain specific demands.