Which diploma or training to become a professional coach?

Published on : 25 August 20213 min reading time

A professional coach is a person who has the ability to accompany a company, a team or an individual in their professional life. To become a professional coach, no specific diploma is required. But many professional coaches have studied at a business, management or engineering school. Others are specialists in human resources management or in work and business organisation. A good grounding in psychology is also an asset in the profession of professional coaching.

How to become a professional coach?

To be a professional coach is to be able to accompany a company professionally. It aims to help a person, a team or the company itself to achieve its objectives. Anyone can use a coach to adapt to the various changes that exist in their professional life or to help them resolve inter-company conflicts. The coaching profession does not really require a specific diploma. However, to become a professional coach, having studied at a business or management school is an asset. You will not have any difficulties in your job and you will be more credible towards your clients. Having a master’s degree in psychology or social sciences can help you in your work as a coach. There are universities in France that can offer you training for coaching-related degrees.

The different roles and missions of a professional coach

A professional coach, also called a business coach, is your life coach. He or she helps you to develop your skills as well as your personal performance. A professional coach is indispensable in companies. His main mission is to help the company to achieve its objectives. He accompanies a person or a company in different steps or situations. Coaching is about helping the client to face obstacles and to solve them. It can also help in the preparation of a job interview or for a change of position … Being accompanied by a coach allows a person to make the right choice, to find his autonomy …

What you need to know about a professional coach

To become a professional coach, certain diplomas are useful. It is true that there are no special studies. However, there are certain skills that must be taken into account. The choice to become a professional coach is a big dilemma. The development of behavioural and relational skills or abilities is very important. In general, it is those who have been trained in management or business schools who are professional coaches. A degree in psychology is also necessary.

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